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Weekend Tour Guide

2019-11-29 17:22

It's getting colder and colder in Suzhou recently. However, it can't change my mind about going out! This weekend, with iSuzhou to enjoy Ginkgo biloba, take a cruise, watch performances, take a hot spring!


Route: Suzhou Taihu Garden Expo→The Taihu Lake Cruise→Qiyuan Garden→Yanjia Garden

At present, the first 2019 Taihu Garden Expo Ginkgo Culture Festival is being held in Suzhou Taihu Garden Expo. There are more than 4,000 ginkgo trees and 80,000 ㎡ super large ginkgo trees here, which are the great place for taking photos! 

When you are tired, you can go to the "shopping and eating market" of the park expo garden. You can find all kinds of Suzhou-style foods here! There are Ferris wheel, big plane, roller coaster, elevator and other entertainment facilities in the park.

Suzhou Taihu Garden Expo

Recommended tour duration: 3 hours

After the tour, you can go to Taihu Lake cruise station (Dongshan Tourist Center Wharf) and take the 14:00 ship to Qiyuan!

The Taihu Lake Cruise

The cruise ship will be docked at the wharf of Qiyuan Garden, and you can enter Qiyuan Garden directly after disembarking. Suzhou Dongshan Qiyuan Garden is known as the "No.1 landscape garden of Taihu Lake", which is not only exquisite, but also magnificent. Take a tour and have a rest, then get ready to board the ship for the return journey at 15:00.

Qiyuan Garden

Recommended tour duration: 40 minutes

Take a cruise ship back to Dongshan Tourist Center Wharf and have a walk in Dongshan Town. You can go to Yanjia Garden at about 17:00. Yanjia Garden is one of the famous gardens in Jiangnan which is located by Wangjiaqiao, Shantang street, Mudu town. At 19:00, Suzhou's first immersive garden drama "Meet Gusu · Mudu's Past" was staged in Yanjia Garden on time. The drama perfectly integrates Suzhou Pingtan, Kunqu Opera, culture and folk-customs into the night scene of the garden, which is dreamy and memorable.

Yanjia Garden

Recommended tour duration: 2 hours

Drama "Meet Gusu · Mudu's Past"


Route: Dayang Mountain Botanical Garden→Yangshan Hot Spring & Four Seasons Constant Temperature Water Park

Dayang Mountain Botanical Garden is a rare "city green lung" with flourishing trees, fresh air and high content of negative oxygen ions. A large number of rare plant species are introduced and planted in the park, which is a very suitable place to bring children together for both leisure and learning.

Dayang Mountain Botanical Garden

Recommended tour duration: 3 hours

Yangshan Hot Spring is the first geological hot spring in Suzhou, built on the mountain. The water temperature of the hot spring is kept at 45 ℃ all year round. The spring water is rich in fluorine, sulfur, boron, metasilicic acid and other chemical elements and minerals. It's so comfortable to have a hot spring here in such a cold weather!

Yangshan Hot Spring

Recommended tour duration: 4-5 hours

Four Seasons Constant Temperature Water Park is also a good choice for hot springs. There are also spa pools, flower baths, medicine baths, Dead Sea pools, fish therapy pools, health pools, etc., which are more suitable for bringing kids!

Four Seasons Constant Temperature Water Park

Recommended tour duration: 4-5 hours

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