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The Marvelous Suzhou Taohuawu Woodblock New Year Picture

2020-01-14 17:37

Last weekend, Taohuawu Woodblock New Year Picture experience activity was held by The Restoration Intangible Cultural Heritage Experiential Studio in Suzhou International Culture Post. More than 20 Chinese and foreign friends attend the activity. 

Mr. Hemu from "Atelier Qiaomai" introduced the background, production technology and classic works of Taohuawu Woodblock New Year Pictures, and taught participants to make two special New Year pictures as 2020 is the Year of Rat.





"In this New Year picture, The cloud means tranquility and joy; the bamboo means peace; the mouse holding coins means the endless wealth in the coming New Year..." Hemu explained.

Li Tingjin, from South Korea, passed by Suzhou International Culture Post and was deeply attracted by the activity, "it's very interesting!"

Mary, from Australia, brought her 17-year-old son David Giles to experience the Taohuawu Woodblock New Year pictures together, “We have been in Suzhou for 8 years. This is our first time to join in such type of Chinese art and craft activity. It's very good, especially those different meanings of the patterns. That’s marvelous!” she said.

Suzhou Taohuawu Woodcut New Year Picture originated in the Song Dynasty and reached its peak in late Ming and early Qing around the middle of the 17th century. Thanks to its rich themes, elegant patterns and comely color, the Taohuawu Woodcut New Year Picture is very popular among Suzhou people during new year. It shows traditional aesthetic contents such as auspicious images, flowers, birds, vegetable and fruits. In 2006, Taohuawu woodcut new year picture was included in National Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

PS: The Restoration Intangible Cultural Heritage Experiential Studio was jointly established last year by iSuzhou Service Platform for Foreigners in Suzhou and Suzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management Office at iSuzhou Coffee Shop of Zhuangyuan Museum, which was considered as the Suzhou International Culture Post. 

Every month, we will hold several activities to let local and foreign friends learn more about Suzhou traditional culture. 

Location of iSuzhou Coffee Shop of Zhuangyuan Museum:

No. 3 Niujia Lane, next to the Zhuangyuan Museum (Take Metro Line 1, Lindunlu station, exit No.3, walk about 300 meters. )

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Source: isuzhou

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