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Happy Spring Festival!

2020-01-24 13:41

Hon. Nicholas Howard together with Christopher Ridgway, respectively the owner and curator of the Castle Howard, have sincerely sent their best wishes to the Suzhou citizens.


Nicolas Howard

“Hello, I am Nicolas Howard, and this is my home Castle Howard. I hope you will visit us very soon. And very happy Chinese New Year to you. Shi-Nian-Kuai-Le.”


Christopher Ridgway

“My name is Christopher Ridgway. I am the curator here at Castle Howard. I’d like to wish the city of Suzhou a happy Chinese New Year. At Castle Howard, we look forward to our continuing collaboration with the Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou. And we are very excited about the idea of developing a Chinese-style garden at Castle Howard. We welcome anybody from Suzhou to visit Castle Howard and enjoy our splendid gardens and landscape.”

The Castle Howard, located in the east of York, is a celebrated scenic spot and attracts tourists from all over the world.

Castle Howard

The Castle Howard has signed a letter of intent with Suzhou Humble Administrator's Garden in February 2019, which will jointly advance the friendly interaction of the two gardens and further deepen the understanding and friendship between the two cities.

In addition, with the active promotion of the Foreign Affairs Office of Suzhou Municipal Government, a series of video clips on Suzhou tourism and culture are successively displayed in the official media of York Tourism Bureau and other mainstream media platforms. The clips, including the contents of ancient town districts, gardens, specialties, handicrafts and the patchwork of waterways, impress the British people with the long history and infinite charm of Suzhou.

Cr: Foreign Affairs Office of Suzhou Municipal Government

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