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Procedures and Relevant Requirements for Foreigners’ Work Permit

2020-02-03 21:37

Procedures and Relevant Requirements for Foreigners’ Work Permit during the Period of Epidemic Prevention and Control

Application procedures of foreigners’ work permit are carried out by means of “Notification + Commitment” online. Examination and approval of the work permit will all be based on the application materials submitted online and the rest of the procedures remain the same as which on site. 

I. Procedures.

1. Applying unit shall submit digital application documents to the “Service System for Foreigners Working in China” and all the materials shall be complete and legible; meanwhile, upload Commitment Letter on the Authenticity of Materials Submitted in the Whole Process (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Commitment Letter’, and please see Table 1) in “Other annexes”. 

2. For work permit extension or change, the system will automatically update related information online after examination and approval. Work permit holder will have to update the entity card on site after the epidemic is over. 

3. For work permit cancellation, the applying unit can destroy the card after the approval of the system. 

4. For business having passed the preliminary examination and under the status of “To be handled”, applying unit can apply to withdraw and modify the material and resubmit after uploading the Commitment Letter. Priority will be given to application resubmitted after modification.

II. Online examination and approval.

Application eligible and complete will be examined and approved within the prescribed time on the basis of submitted digital application materials.

III. Issuing of the work permit.

For application of “Foreigner’s Work Permit Notice”, the applying unit can print out relevant documents on the “Service System for Foreigners Working in China”; 

for application of “Foreigner’s Work Permit”, the applying unit can get the permit by means of “EMS postage collected” and upload Application for EMS Service (See Table 2) in the column of “Other materials”. 

Applicant who comes to the window to get the work permit should take preventive measures in accordance with the requirements for epidemic prevention and control such as wearing face mask.

IV. Requirements for materials.

Application materials submitted online shall be scanned or photographed and only legible and complete ones are accepted.

V. Implementation period.

In this special period, the procedures for foreigners working in China will be put into implementation from February 3rd, 2020; the conclusion time is subject to the related notice of Suzhou epidemic prevention and control departments and will be otherwise informed.

VI. Miscellaneous.

1. The applying unit shall be in strict accordance with the  “Commitment Letter” to ensure the authenticity of all the submitted materials. Submission of false materials or failure to provide original materials of the important documents will be recorded in the Service System for Foreigners Working in China and the materials will be thus inapplicable for examination and approval. Obtaining of administrative licensing by cheating will be canceled with the administrative decisions and person involved shall bear the corresponding legal liabilities. 

2. For application affected by the delayed window service, the applicant can contact the service staff for registration to attain expedited process.

3. Employing unit shall reasonably arrange the schedule for foreigner talents to leave and return Suzhou, in principle, no earlier than the work resumption time stipulated by Suzhou Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarter. 

4. Foreign talents introduced by scientific research institutes, enterprises and institutions related with epidemic prevention and control and are in need of applying for work permit or invitation letter to work in China could enjoy the express service. 


Source: Suzhou Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs

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