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Foreigners in Suzhou give a thumb up to iSuzhou Platform

2020-02-13 16:48


Recently, the 43 Pictures to Know More About the Novel Coronavirus, released by iSuzhou, a service platform for foreigners in Suzhou, has drawn the attention of the Office of Foreign Missions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, and has been highly recommended to foreign diplomatic missions in China.

43 Pictures to Know More About the Novel Coronavirus presents a concise collection of information, introducing the hazard of COVID-19 in a comprehensive way, and offering suggestions on curbing the spread of the disease. “We are really excited that the article was noticed and reposted by the MFA!” said one official from Suzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office (SFAO). “This shows that our efforts in improving services to foreign nationals in Suzhou, optimizing the city’s investment environment and building its international image have been highly recognized!”

Suzhou is home to 17,000 foreign-invested enterprises and over 20,000 expats. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, iSuzhou Platform, sponsored by the Information Office of Suzhou Municipal Government, has made joint efforts with SFAO to publicize up-to-date developments of the outbreak and relevant policies adopted by the local government on its website, official WeChat account and App on a daily basis.

iSuzhou website

iSuzhou official WeChat account

iSuzhou App

Many foreigners have given a thumb up for the transparent and timely sharing of information. Bethany Sootheran, an American lady currently living in SIP, declined her family’s request for her returning to the U.S. because of their concern for the outbreak.“Suzhou Government has taken immediate and prudent action. We never feel alone since we can always get updated information and help.” Bethany said. In addition, she has volunteered to serve the local community by promoting knowledge on epidemic prevention and control. There are many foreign friends like her who fought in the front line against the COVID-19.

Bethany has volunteered to serve the local community

As the first city to release multilingual updated information on the epidemic, Suzhou has taken many innovative measures in terms of real-time release of information including responses to most concerned questions and policies. Prior to the Spring Festival, SFAO has set up several working groups to promote the knowledge on epidemic prevention and control among foreigners, communities, and associations of foreign enterprises. SFAO has opened a 24-hour hotline to respond to epidemic-related questions. The Office has also dedicated serious efforts to provide authoritative information to foreign nationals in collaboration with service platforms for foreigners such as iSuzhou. In addition, county-level cities and districts of Suzhou also acted quickly to provide information to foreigners via official platforms, local enterprises, universities, hotels, WeChat groups and official accounts. Some administrations have released multilingual information in languages such as English, Japanese and Korean. Suzhou has made great efforts in not only helping foreigners to navigate safely in this difficult time, but also making their lives easier, because it’s the city’s goal to build a business-friendly environment and create a good international image.

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