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Suzhou "Mobile Museum" Bus Tour available for reservation

2020-05-21 17:04


Currently, Suzhou Tour’s Mobile Museum Bus Tour of Delicacies has opened reservations and its debut is set for June 6.

Tourists can go on a one-day-trip to the city’s four museums by bus: Suzhou Museum, Suzhou Museum of Imperial Kiln Brick, Suzhou Silk Museum and Suzhou Opera Museum. Besides, breakfast and lunch of Suzhou style, a visit to Pingjiang Road are also included in the package.

1Bus of delicacies

The newly launched “Mobile Museum” tour bus is divided into different areas for passengers, driver and food preparation respectively. 

In the middle part of the bus, there is a museum themed display area to exhibit such cultural products as Song brocade bookmark, ceramic lotus bowl cookie box, etc.


The “Mobile Museum” bus tour is a new product of experience tourism that combines sightseeing with local specialties, and provides reservation service for tourists to get faster access to museums.

In addition to various exhibitions, the craftsmanship of imperial kiln brick and the Kunqu Opera performance, the staff will help tourists understand Suzhou museums better through professional guide service.

Suzhou Museum

Suzhou Museum of Imperial Kiln Brick

Suzhou Silk Museum

Suzhou Opera Museum

Pingjiang Road

3How to make reservations

Long press the QR code below to make reservations

Step 1

Step 2

Choose the date

Choose the person to collect the ticket

Source: iSuzhou

Source: iSuzhou

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