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No.17 Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control of Suzhou

2020-06-19 01:58

To safeguard public health and consolidate the progress in COVID-19 response by the joint efforts of local authorities and the general public in further implementing normalized prevention measures on imported cases and domestic resurgence, this notice hereby specifies the latest prevention and control measures in Suzhou:

I.Strictly Managing Key Individuals

i. The following individuals should immediately report to local communities and their employers, and receive a centralized 14-day quarantine and medical observation upon arrival in Suzhou.

1. Those who have travel or residence history in medium- and high-risk regions within the last 14 days.

2. Those who have been to Xinfadi Wholesale Market, Jingshen Seafood Market, Yuquandong Market in Haidian District, Guangwai Tiantao Honglian Food Market in Xicheng District in Beijing.

ii. The following individuals, upon arrival in Suzhou, should immediately report to local communities and cooperate with health monitoring requirements.

1. Those who come from Hubei province should take a nucleic acid test within 24 hours upon arrival in Suzhou. An additional antibody test will be imposed on individuals from Wuhan. (Tests are not required for those who have a valid nucleic test certificate issued within 7 days or those who come to Suzhou for business or official duties with a stay no longer than 3 days and could be managed by local hosts.)

2. Inbound travelers who are destined for Suzhou shall be subject to centralized quarantine in cities of entry and should, prior to the end of their quarantine, contact local communities in their destination and receive community-based health monitoring and tests.

3. (Data as of June 18) Those inbound travelers coming to Suzhou from medium- and high- risk areas including Fengtai District, Daxing District, Xicheng District, Haidian District, Dongcheng District, Chaoyang District, Fangshan District, Shijingshan District, Mentougou District in Beijing, or others from Beijing who are possibly connected with the epidemic, shall be registered,placed under centralized medical quarantine and given nucleic acid tests.

4. Since June 18th, those from low risk areas in Beijing who hold the proof of the negative result of nucleic acid tests within the last 7 days will be permitted to leave after registration and nucleic acid test. Those who cannot provide a valid negative nucleic acid test proof, shall wait in the designated place and will be permitted to leave after tested negative for COVID-19. 

II. Responsibilities of Public Institutions and Enterprises

Enterprises and public institutions should take epidemic prevention and control seriously by applying measures to accurately trace and report staff coming/returning from key regions. At the same time, employers should intensify efforts in daily health monitoring. Epidemic prevention and control should go in parallel with work resumption. Enterprises and construction sites should conduct strict prevention measures in managing staff dormitories.

Universities, vocational colleges, all types of primary and middle schools and educational institutions in Suzhou should reinforce health monitoring measures targeting both students and teachers, including ventilation, disinfection and garbage cleaning in key areas in campus.

III. Stringent Control in Key Places

Healthcare institutions should fully develop pre-screening and triage mechanisms, reinforce monitoring on fever patients, improve emergency, outpatient and inpatient services management and refine patient care process. At the same time, they should enhance internal cleaning and disinfection to minimize risk of infection inside hospital areas. Nursing, charity institutes and mental hospitals should apply stringent prevention and control measures such as moderate restrictions in visitor traffic. COVID-19 prevention in prisons, drug rehabilitation centers and detention centers will be tightened.

Food markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, train stations, bus stations, subways and other places with large crowds should strictly implement sanitation and disinfection measures as well as normalized prevention measures such as temperature check, health code check, disinfection and ventilation. Access administration as regards imported aquatic products and meats will be tightened. Certificates of meat, poultry and seafood will be checked on a stricter basis. Test outlets will be set up according to relevant guidelines.

IV. Raising Awareness of Personal Protection

i. Do not leave the country or go to medium- and high-risk regions in China (search the related regions at if not necessary. Those who do have necessity to travel should report to the local communities in advance.

ii. Take the initiative to perform the “Suzhou Citizen Health Code of Conduct”. For example, correctly wear a face mask, wash hands frequently, keep good ventilation at home, keep a safe social distance, maintain a good food hygiene, cook food thoroughly and use serving chopsticks or eat from separate dishes during group meals.

iii. Those who have fever, cough or other symptoms should put on a disposable medical mask or other masks that provide equivalent or better protection and go to fever clinics for screening and treatment (search the hospitals at While heading to the hospitals, please avoid taking public transport vehicles.

iv. Those who voluntarily take the nucleic acid test please choose the nearest test outlet. Please make an appointment by dialing the hotlines in advance and go to the test outlet as scheduled.

Any individual, enterprise, or public institute who fails to report information in a timely and truthfully manner or breach the COVID-19 prevention measures and thus causing the spread of infection, will be subject to serious legal consequences.

Attachment: List of 70 Sample-taking Service Outlets in Suzhou

Suzhou Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

Prevention and Control Headquarters

June 18, 2020


70 Sample-taking Service Points in Suzhou




















(一)最近、必要がなければ、海外や国内の中・高リスク地域( で調べる)へ行くことを控え、必ず行く必要があれば、所属する企業や住んでいるコミュニティ(村)に報告しなければならない。










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