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Suzhou introduces five ICH experience routes

2020-06-28 19:52


To mark the June 28 Suzhou Cultural Heritage Conservation Day,the city organized the sixth "Touch", a public benefit experience event to bring the public closer to local intangible cultural heritages (ICH), yesterday.

The event presented five ICH experience routes: Gusu Route (姑苏线), Wuzhong Route (吴中线), Changshu Route (常熟线), Wujiang Route (吴江线) and Zhangjiagang Route (张家港线). Suzhou citizens and foreign friendscan learn more about Suzhou ICH through these routes.


Gusu Route

Suzhou-style bonsai making technique

Traditional Chinese Medicine preparation technique

Daoxiangcun Suzhou-style mooncake making technique

Hawking in Suzhou dialect


The Suzhou-style bonsai making technique is included in the national ICH list. Back to the Wanjing Villa (or Bonsai Garden, 万景山庄) in Suzhou Tiger Hill Scenic Area, there are over 500 pieces of Suzhou-style bonsai. You will learn a lot of skills in taking care of the bonsai as you enjoy the scenery there.


Established by famous doctor Lei Dasheng (courtesy name Yunshang) in the then Wu District in 1734, Leiyunshang boasts a history of nearly 300 years as one of the top four famous TCM brands in China. Leiyunshang’s TCM traditional techniques such as Liu-Shen-Wan, medicinal paste and pill have been included into the ICH List at national, provincial and municipal levels respectively. Welcome to feel the great charm of TCM at Leiyunshang TCM House. 


Founded in Suzhou in 1773, Daoxiangcun is one of the oldest existing enterprises in China's pastry industry. Daoxiangcun’s Suzhou-style mooncake has been recognized as "National Characteristic Mooncakes" and its making technology has been included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage List of Jiangsu Province. You can taste many classic and delicious Suzhou-style pastries at Daoxiangcun stores.


Hawking is Suzhou dialect is included in Suzhou’s city-level ICH list. You can go to the Laowannian stores (老万年) to experience the hawking in Suzhou dialect, which is peculiar to the city.

Wuzhong Route

Suzhou fan making technique

Opera costume and prop making technique

Guangfufruit pit carving


Suzhou-style fans can be divided into three categories: folding fans, sandalwood fans and silk round fans. The fan-making techniques range from modeling, framing, carving to mounting and painting.In 2006, the Suzhou-style fans making technique was included in the national ICH list. 

You can experience this technique at Shengfeng Suzhou-style Fans Museum (No.105 Tianshangjiang Road, Wuzhong Economic and Technological Development Zone, 吴中经济技术开发区田上江路105号).


Likewise, the opera costumes- and stage-prop-making technique was also included in the national ICH list. Now, Suzhou remains the sole city in China that is able to make over 1,000 types of opera items belonging to such six categories as costumes, caps, boots, swords, facial make-up and headwear.

You can experience this technique at Suzhou Opera Costumes and Stage-prop Company (No.4 Baihua West Lane, Taohuawu Street, Gusu District, 姑苏区桃花坞街道西百花巷4号).


Suzhou Fruit Pit Carving (FPC) boasts a long history and Guangfu FPC (光福核雕)has remained an important part of the local FPC industry in Suzhou. In particular, Zhoushan Village of Guangfu Town in Wuzhong District has gained the reputation of "China's No.1 Fruit Pit Carving Village".

You can see many exquisite fruit pit carving works at Zhoushan Village (舟山村).

Changshu Route

Wangsi Beggar’s Chicken making technique

Changshu mahogany carving technique

Meili soy sauce making technique

Guqin art


Stuffed with eight kinds of condiments and marinated in the secret recipe and osmanthus-flower wine for ten hours before making, the Wangsi Beggar’s Chicken (王四叫化鸡)is usually wrapped in clay and baked slowly using low heat. 

In 2007, the Wangsi Beggar’s Chicken was included in Suzhou’s city-level ICH list. You can taste the delicious beggar’s chicken at Changshu Wangsi Restaurants (No.358 Yushan North Road, Changsu City, 常熟市虞山北路358号).


Changshu enjoys the reputation of “Home to Mahogany” and Changshu Mahogany Carving technique was included in the district-level ICH list. 

You can view mahogany carving works of various kinds at Yulinshijia Mahogany Furniture Company (No.1 Building, Kunchenghu Village, Shajiabang, Changshu City, 常熟市沙家浜昆承湖村1幢).


Meili cask soy sauce (梅里木桶酱油) is now the only one of its kind in China that is made in casks. You can experience this unique technique at Suzhou Jicheng Soy Sauce Company (No.11 Jusha Road, Meili Town, Changshu City, 常熟市梅李镇聚沙路11号).


You can learn the history of Guqin and enjoy the Guqin show at Yushan Qin School Art Museum (No.8 Nanzhao Lane, Changshu City, 常熟市南赵弄8号).

Wujiang Route

Sericulture customs and silk quilt making technique

Renchang Suzhou-style pastry making technique


The silkworm-rearing industry is greatly developed in Shengze Town of Wujiang District. The local sericulture customs and silk quilt making technique were included in the district-level ICH list. 

You can learn the knowledge of sericulture at Taihuxue Silkworm Cultural Park (太湖雪桑蚕文化园) and Suzhou Ciyun Silk Products Company (苏州慈云蚕丝制品有限公司).


Rechang Suzhou-style pastry making technique is also included in the district-level ICH list. Zhengze Renchang pastry (震泽仁昌糕点) is reputed to be the inheritance of “Zhengze Pastry”.

Zhangjiagang Route

Chrysanthemum wine

Gaozhuang dried bean curd making technique

Guqin art

Cotton fluffing technique


Chrysanthemum wine is a local specialty drunk by the people in Heyang area of Zhangjiagang City to celebrate the bumper harvest. It is made from local quality glutinous rice and small chrysanthemum flowers growing in Heyang Hill (河阳山).

You can view the making of chrysanthemum wine in Fangji Chrysanthemum Wine Workshop (No.27 Xiashi Village, Fenghuang Town, Zhangjiagang City, 张家港市凤凰镇夏市村27号).


Gaozhuang dried bean curd making technique (高庄豆腐干制作技艺) was included in the district-level ICH list. The base is located in the Nangaozhuang Village, Fenghuang Town (凤凰镇南高庄村).The technique involves ten steps and has been invented for more than a century.

The dried bean curd tastes good and has aninviting smell. You can experience this technique at Tianzhuang Old Street (恬庄老街).


Shazhou Qin Workshop remains the Zhangjiagang’s Guqin Art Education and Inheritance Base. You can learn the history of Guqin (古琴, an ancient musical instrument) and also enjoy Guqin Show there (No. 19 Renmin East Road, Yangshe Town, Zhangjiagang City, 张家港市杨舍镇人民东路19号).


The cotton fluffing technique was included in Suzhou’s city-level ICH list. The quilt made from fluffed cotton are eco-friendly and good at keeping warm. It takes many steps to fluff the cotton. You can learn more about the technique at Cotton Fluffing Exhibition Hall (手工弹棉技艺展示馆).


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