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Entertainment Guide | June 29 – July 5

2020-06-28 20:01


The Legend of the White Snake(白蛇传)

Time: 7:40 pm – 9 pm, July 3 and 4

Ticket price:  RMB 180 yuan per person/RMB 320 yuan for two; RMB 200 yuan for on-site ticketing 

Venue: No. 1 Exhibition Hall, True Color Museum

Cr: WeChat ID: truecolormuseum

As a classic track of Suzhou Pingtan, The Legend of the White Snake describes the tortuous love story between a white snake in the disguised form of a beauty and a human being. It is performed by outstanding young actors from Suzhou Pingtan Troupe, Jiangsu Pingtan Troupe and Shanghai Pingtan Troupe.

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A collection of Kunqu Opera highlights折子戏专场

Time: 2 pm, July 4

Venue: Suzhou Kunqu Opera Theatre

Cr: WeChat ID: szkjy0512

“Chi Su Dian Xiang” (《痴诉点香》plaintive complaint and lighting incense) tells the story of Ms. Xiao pretending to be crazy and visiting Zhuge An secretly to look for her husband; “Xun Meng” (《寻梦》searching for dreams) is about Du Liniang getting together with her lover through dreams; “Ba Yan” (《罢宴》giving up banquet) presents Kou Zhun, Prime Minister of the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), regretting his extravagant lifestyle because of the persuasion of his maid, Grandma Liu.

The Peony Pavilion - A Garden Stroll and a Dream Interupted Real Scence Version(牡丹亭 - 游园惊梦)

Time: 6pm, July 4

Ticket price: RMB 480/680 yuan

Venue: Kunqu Opera Research Institute (昆曲传习所), No. 9 Jiaochangqiao Road (校场桥路9号)

During the real scene performance, the performers do not use microphones but depend entirely on their true voice and posture. The open-door dressing room will show you the making-up and dressing skills that are peculiar to Kunqu Opera.

This time, the classic Kunqu Opera will be staged in a Suzhou Garden, the best place to enjoy the garden version of Kunqu Opera. In addition, there will be subtitles for the convenience of both new and regular audience.

The audience can start entering the venue at 6pm and the performance will begin at 8pm. There will be add-on experience during the performance (subject to the details on site).

A Dream in Shantang - Feel the Ambience of Suzhou(寻梦山塘) 

Time: 7:30pm and 8:30pm, June 29 to July 5

Ticket price: RMB125 yuan

Venue: Northwest Gate of Zhenqu Garden (Real Interest Garden, 真趣园), Shantang Street, Guangji Road

With a history of over 2,500 years, Suzhou is a famous historical and cultural city. Now, the new and international Suzhou that is brimming with modernity has melted into the ancient Wu culture. The real scene performance A Dream in Shantang will reproduce the original ambience of the city.

True Color East & West Bridge Market

Time: July 3 to 5

Venue: Suzhou True Color Museum

It is a life & art market themed on nature and environmental protection. More than 200 life aestheticians will gather at the market, bringing over creation, cloth art, culture and creation, utensils, handicrafts, design, life concept and traditional culture. There will also be activities such as True Color Tea Shop, incense experience class, floriculture experience class and tea culture experience class.

Cr: WeChat ID: truecolormuseum

Ink and Paper - The Ink and Wash Paintings of Chen Sanshi

Time: June 24 to July 12

Venue: Suzhou Sanyuan Art Museum

Cr: WeChat ID: artsuzhou

More than 40 ink and wash paintings created by Chen Sanshi in the past two years are on display. The creational inspiration of his works comes mostly from his understanding of life and nature.

Chinese Landscape Painting Exhibition of Gao Shubiao

Time: 10 am to 1:30 pm, 2:30 pm to 8:00 pm every week excluding Monday, from June 21 to July 12

Venue: Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum (2nd Floor, Suzhou Culture and Arts Center, 苏州文化艺术中心二楼/苏州金鸡湖美术馆)

The exhibition will display more than 40 pieces of landscape paintings by Gao Shubiao. His works show his preference for painting trees. Gao Shubiao has intensively studied the trees and stones painted by his predecessors, and is expert on skillfully and vividly presenting trees and stones in various poses.

The History of Xian Yu - Selected Collections from the Ancient State of Zhongshan

Time: June 12 - September 2

Venue: Special Exhibition Gallery, Suzhou Museum(苏州博物馆),No. 204 Dongbei Street(东北街204号)

According to Strategies of the Warring States (战国策), there were seven states that had ten thousand war chariots (万乘之国) and five another that had one thousand during the Warring States period (475 – 221 B.C.).Founded by Rong Di, a non-Han ethnic group, the ancient State of Zhongshan was one of the five states that had one thousand chariots (千乘之国) and was as powerful at its peak as the seven major states. In 296 B.C., the State of Zhongshan was annexed by the State of Zhao (赵国).

The remarkable accomplishments that the State of Zhongshan had achieved in economy, culture and military affairs will be displayed through the exhibition of 164 (sets) of precious cultural relics.


Time: June 6 - August 16

Venue: Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum(苏州金鸡湖美术馆), 2F, Suzhou Culture and Arts Center(苏州文化艺术中心2楼)

Artist list: Chen Tianzhuo, Ding Yi, Feng Mengbo, Li Kezheng, Liu Jianhua, Liu Wei, Shi Yong, Wang Gongxin, Yan Lei, Xu Zhen, Yang Jun, Yang Zhenzhong, Yuan Gong, Zhou Xiaohu

This is a show of contemporary art brought about by fourteen contemporary artists in various forms such as installation, symbol, videotape, painting, photograph, stop-motion animation and behavioral performance.

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