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Updates on Suzhou Museum West Branch

2020-10-15 11:33

Suzhou Museum West Branch, which is located at Shishan Culture Plaza (狮山文化广场), has had the roof of its main structure capped recently. The construction work of its power center and underground space has kicked off and the installation of supporting facilities such as power supply, water supply, steam equipment, etc. is underway.

The new museum project is a building complex made up of ten cubes with a side length of 25 meters; out of the total 48,365 sq. m. floorage, 13,400 square meters will be used as the exhibition area. 


Public Space


Central Courtyard


Surrounding Landscape



The west branch museum is equipped with several exhibition halls respectively on general history of Suzhou, Suzhou-style handicrafts, calligraphy and painting works, international cooperation, exploration and experience, etc.; the systems of digital museum and intelligent museum will be built as well. Visitors can learn more about local history, culture, folk customs, and feel the unique charm of Suzhou-style handicrafts here. 


It’s worth mentioning that the hall of international cooperation will welcome the British Museum as its first cooperator. With the history of world civilization as the main thread, this cooperation program is designed to widen the global vision of the west branch museum. Please stay tuned! 

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