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Suzhou Tianping Mountain about to turn red

2020-10-19 19:54


The red maple trees on Tianping Mountain (天平山) have long been one of the must-see autumn sceneries in Suzhou. As it’s getting cooler and cooler, the sense of autumn grows stronger. Let’s go and check it out!

Tianping Mountain is still green right now, but the leaves of maple trees near the ponds there have turned into greenish yellow and light red, brimming with clean and refreshing autumn air. The green leaves with some red signal the passage of time in autumn while some maple leaves have turned red, standing out against the green backdrop.

The maple trees grown on Tianping Mountain are at their best from late October to middle and late November every year. Tianping Mountain in Suzhou, Fragrant Hills in Beijing (北京香山), Qixia Mountain in Nanjing (南京栖霞山), and Yuelu Mountain in Changsha (长沙岳麓山) are viewed as China’s stop four scenic spots for maple trees.

The ancient maple trees on Tianping Mountain, unique in both shape and color, are different from the ones grown in other areas in the country. After the city enters into autumn, the maple leaves there will turn from green to yellow, orange, red and purple, and are thus known as “Five Color Maple” (五彩枫). In late autumn, the maple leaves in full red are even more enchanting.

Go on a maple leaf tour around Tianping Mountain on beautiful autumn days!


The ticket to Tianping Mountain is priced at RMB30 yuan, but you can get one-yuan tickets via the “One-yuan Garden Tour” discount program. Tap the link for more information. (Guidance on how to buy one-yuan garden tickets)

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