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No. 20 Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control of Suzhou

2020-10-27 16:27

No. 20 Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control of Suzhou

According to the notice released by epidemic prevention and control headquarters of Kashgar Prefecture at 24:00, October 25, four local townships of Shufu County were classified as high-risk areas including Zhanmin, Tokkuzak, Oghusaq and Sayibage; rest townships of the county were identified as medium-risk areas.

To strengthen the management of people returning to Suzhou from Kashgar Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and consolidate the regular epidemic prevention and control measures in Suzhou, this notice hereby specifies the followings:

1. Carry out self-declaration and community screening. For those who have been to Kashgar Prefecture (including transit passengers) since October 10, 2020, they shall report to the local residential communities and cooperate with information registration, nucleic acid tests, medical observation, and other epidemic prevention and control measures. All local cities and districts shall strengthen screening and conduct follow-up medical management as per relevant policies. 

2. Those returning to Suzhou from low-risk areas of Kashgar Prefecture shall submit negative nucleic acid test results issued within the past seven days, cooperate with local residential communities and employers on information registration and health management. Those failing to submit negative nucleic acid test results shall take nucleic acid tests and receive quarantine at designated places until the test results come out; if they are tested negative for COVID-19, they will be allowed to travel within the city in an orderly manner. Those returning to Suzhou from medium-risk and high-risk areas of Kashgar Prefecture shall immediately report to local residential communities and their employers, and cooperate with quarantine and medical observation.

3. We call on all citizens to pay serious attention to the situation of medium-risk and high-risk areas and avoid traveling to Kashgar Prefecture in the near future unless it’s a must. Those who urgently need to go to Kashgar shall travel with proper self-protection measures, report to local residential communities and their employers right after their return from Kashgar, and observe relevant epidemic prevention and control regulations.

4. Citizens shall raise their awareness of self-protection and keep good hygiene habits such as wearing face masks (especially when taking public transport or visiting public places), washing hands often, ventilating room routinely and keeping social distance. Besides, citizens shall cooperate with body temperature check and health code verification when entering or exiting railway stations, ports and other public places.

5. Those who have such symptoms as fever, dry cough, fatigue, etc. shall wear disposable medical masks, seek medical treatment at nearest fever clinics, declare travel history during the past 14 days, and avoid taking public transport to the clinics. 

Suzhou Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia 

Prevention and Control Headquarters

October 26, 2020

Contact numbers of local epidemic prevention and control headquarters:

Suzhou City: 0512-68358939

Zhangjiagang City: 0512-58987106

Changshu City: 0512-52773593

Taicang City: 0512-53890840

Kunshan City: 0512-55115103

Wujiang District: 0512-63160016

SIP: 0512-66680924

Wuzhong District: 0512-67080456

Xiangcheng District: 0512-66181757 (disease prevention and control)

0512-65760130 ( residential community)

0512-85182076 (work resumption)

Gusu District: 0512-68727303 (day)

0512-67279021 (night)

SND: 0512-68750867



























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