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No. 21 Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control of Suzhou

2020-11-17 23:24

Notice on Guarding against Potential COVID-19 Transmission through Imported Cold-chain Foods

(No. 21 Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control of Suzhou)

For the purpose of further strengthening the epidemic prevention and control in Suzhou, preventing the transmission of COVID-19 and effectively protecting people’s lives and health, this notice hereby specifies the followings to reinforce the management of imported cold-chain foods in Suzhou:

1. All local county-level cities and districts in Suzhou shall designate a centralized supervision warehouse for imported cold-chain foods (“centralized supervision warehouse” for short hereinafter). All cold-chain foods imported to Suzhou shall undergo disinfection and spot-checks before they are transported elsewhere for storage, processing or retailing. Owner of the foods can choose the warehouse on their own decision, but in principle the goods shall be sent to the nearest warehouse.

2. To guarantee an orderly operation of the centralized supervision warehouses, the goods shall be transported to the warehouses based on reservations and owners shall submit truthful information of the goods including the name, weight, etc. To make reservations, please follow the WeChat Mini Program “Su Shi An” (苏食安) and submit relevant information in the “cold-chain foods” column. Before the mini program goes into operation on November 20, 2020, please dial the service hotline for reservations. 

3. Cold-chain foods in the supervision warehouses can be transported elsewhere as long as they are disinfected and tested negative for COVID-19 and obtain the Outbound Certification for Imported Cold-chain Foods in Suzhou Centralized Supervision Warehouses. 

4. Units engaged in the storage, retailing and processing of cold-chain foods in Suzhou shall verify the Outbound Certification for Imported Cold-chain Foods in Suzhou Centralized Supervision Warehouses of the products; those failing to obtain the certification shall not be stored, sold or processed in Suzhou. For imported cold-chain foods with “Outbound Certification” issued by relevant authorities outside Jiangsu province or those disinfected and tested negative for COVID-19 in Customs ports, they are not required to be sent to centralized supervision warehouses in Suzhou. 

5. For cold-chain foods tested negative for COVID-19 in the centralized supervision warehouses, their owners shall transport the foods elsewhere within a given time limits; transporting in batches is not allowed.  

6. Charges for outer packing disinfection, sampling and nucleic acid test, and storage within a given time limits will be shouldered by local governments. For those failed to submit exact information of the products, the aforementioned costs shall be shouldered by the owner of the foods. Charges for storage beyond the given time limits shall be shouldered by the owner of the products as well.

7. For cold-chain foods tested positive for COVID-19, the foods and their packing shall be subject to safe disposal as per relevant regulations. 

8. Staff shall not open the container of imported cold-chain foods without authorization nor unpack or touch them during transportation. Drivers and personnel involved in transportation shall avoid contact with entrance guards and other personnel when driving in or out of the warehouse; they shall follow the arrangement of the warehouses. 

9. Starting from the date of issuance of this notice, any cold-chain foods in the supervision warehouses cannot be transported outbound for selling unless they are fully disinfected and tested negative for COVID-19.

10. Enterprises or institutions engaged in the storage, retailing and processing of imported cold-chain foods shall strengthen the management and heath monitoring of relevant workers, disinfect equipment and environment on a regular basis, and give nucleic acid tests to workers involved in handling the foods once a week.

11. We call on all citizens to raise awareness of self protection and avoid buying or eating cold-chain foods without relevant certification.

12. For those storing, selling or processing cold-chain foods without Outbound Certification for Imported Cold-chain Foods in Suzhou Centralized Supervision Warehouses, failing to transport cold-chain foods to mass supervision warehouses for disinfection and testing and submit truthful information, they will be punished as per relevant laws and regulations and incorporated into the social credit system. 

The establishment and operation of centralized supervision warehouses will be adjusted within the scope of the whole city subject to actual circumstances. This notice goes into effect as from November 18, 2020. 

Suzhou Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia 

Prevention and Control Headquarters

November 16, 2020




















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