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Noontime concert attracts passersby

2020-11-24 11:08

A noontime concert, one of a series of events during the 2020 iSING! Suzhou International Young Artists Festival scheduled in Suzhou from Nov 13 to 25, took place at Xinghai Life Square, SIP on Nov 19, attracting lots of passersby to stop and immerse themselves in the beautiful songs performed by eight young singers.

iSING! Suzhou, an annual event in Suzhou since 2014, is the first international festival for vocalists in the country. Each year, many young artists in different countries and regions participate in the global auditions, and those winning the entry to the festival have chances to take part in a series of training programs and events devised to help them increase their artistic attainments and learn more about Chinese culture and art.

This year’s event has gathered young artists from China, the United States, Russia, Serbia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Ukraine and other countries. They are reportedly doing rehearsals for a concert on Nov 23 and 24 when they will perform in Chinese a list of songs created based on Chinese poems written by literati in the Tang Dynasty (618–907).


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