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Suzhou Village’s new Chinese name unveiled as Phase II project opens

2020-11-24 13:29

Suzhou Village, an outlets mall in SIP, unveiled its new Chinese name “比斯特苏州” on Nov 19, hoping it can help highlight its role as a member within the Bicester (比斯特) Village Shopping Collection which, created and operated by British company Value Retail, currently consists of 11 luxury outlet destinations worldwide. The Phase II project of Suzhou Village opened concurrently.

Suzhou Village, developed in two phases, boasts a European-style operation mode, with a large variety of products sourced from top international luxury brands. The Phase I project opened in 2014, with 104 boutiques and 11 restaurants. The Phase II project is a retail zone with 67 new brands, and business clubs and boutique hotels will be built in the future.

It is learnt that Suzhou Village has recorded an increase of about 700% in turnover over the past six years, and a tourist footfall of 1,735 million and a turnover of about RMB 1.136 billion from January to September.


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