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New policy encourages non-locals to spend holiday in Suzhou

2021-01-13 16:50

For the purpose of epidemic prevention and control, Suzhou’s Xiangcheng District has introduced a string of measures to encourage non-local employees to stay in Xiangcheng during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday (February 11 to 17). The policies are as follows:


1. Special Subsidies

If an enterprise in Xiangcheng District makes arrangements for its non-local employees to stay in Xiangcheng for the Spring Festival holiday, a subsidy of RMB500 yuan per person will be given to the enterprise; if the enterprise arranges for these employees to go on duty during the holiday, it will receive an additional subsidy of RMB100 yuan per person per day.

2. Rent Subsidies

If the enterprise rents dormitories, apartments for blue-collar workers and talents, etc. to provide accommodation for these employees during the Spring Festival holiday, this month’s rent will be reduced by half.   

Life Supplies 

1. Free Epidemic Prevention Supplies

Epidemic prevention supplies will be given gratis to these employees during the Spring Festival holiday.

2. Free COVID-19 Vaccination

During the Spring Festival holiday, these employees will have priority in taking COVID-19 vaccines (subject to eligibility). 

3. Recreational and Sports Activities

A variety of recreational and sports activities will be organized on the basis of strict epidemic prevention and control. 


The “Special Subsidies” will be paid after the Spring Festival upon approval of relevant authorities. 

“Non-local employees” refer to the workers who are not registered residents in Suzhou. Besides, the “non-local employees” to receive the “special subsidies” should be insured individuals (social insurance) in Xiangcheng District.  

All the aforementioned measures are subject to the interpretation of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office of Xiangcheng District. For more information, please dial 0512-67591909.

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