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Temperatures in Suzhou to plunge again shortly after going up

2021-01-13 17:01

The frigid weather brought by the first cold front in 2021 is still fresh in our mind. Together we have witnessed Suzhou’s coldest-ever days since 1960 and in particular the “Taihu Lake icescape”.

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According to Suzhou Municipal Meteorological Bureau, the temperature in Suzhou will go up faster in the days to come and reach as high as 17℃ on Friday (January 15); the lowest temperatures will still remain under 5℃ and there will be a sharp drop of 11℃ in temperature this Saturday. Please change your clothes accordingly and keep yourself from getting a cold.

Besides, since it has been very dry lately, please drink more water to stay well hydrated and pay attention to fire and electricity safety.

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