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Intelligent manufacturing boosts development of SND

2021-01-14 10:09

In recent years, Suzhou New District (SND) has been emphasizing intelligent manufacturing and pursuing the innovative development of industrial internet.

SND cultivated over 100 companies in the intelligent manufacturing industry and generated 94.3 billion yuan ($14.56 billion) in sales revenue in 2019.

It achieved this by focusing on the intelligent improvement of traditional manufacturing industries such as electronic information and equipment manufacturing. It will continue to promote collaborative development in the local manufacturing industry by stimulating domestic needs and achieving the technological transformation of more companies.

SND is also focusing on applying technology in more areas.

The Kangduo surgical robot independently-developed by the Suzhou Collaborative Innovation Medical Robot Institute is one example. It helped Professor Ji Zhigang from the urinary surgery department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital manage an adrenal tumor excision in November 2020, opening a new chapter for the homemade endoscopic surgery robot. The robot is highly precise, can interact with humans, and can transmit data through 5G. It is expected to be used in a smart operating room offering remote surgery.

SND has also continued offering financial support and has rolled out a series of innovative financial products to help local companies raise money. It is focusing on improving the business environment by cutting administrative red tape and setting up a specialized enterprise service platform.

In addition, the district will continue to bring in more quality educational and medical resources to offer local talent and those planning to settle there a better living and working environment.

An employee works at a traditional manufacturing plant in SND that has undergone intelligent improvement. 

Photo/WeChat account: snd-szgxqfb


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