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New intercity railways to run through Suzhou

2021-01-27 18:08


The overall design of Shanghai-Suzhou-Jiaxing Intercity Railway has been officially announced recently.

According to previous reports, there will be two railways connecting Shanghai, Suzhou and Jiaxing in reality.

1. The general arrangement for Shanghai-Suzhou-Jiaxing Intercity Railway: the Shanghai section of the railway starts from the Hongqiao Transportation Hub, runs along the G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway, stops at Dianshanhu South Station (Shuixiang Keting Jinze Station); then the railway turns south, runs past Wujiang District, Suzhou and enters Jiaxing. After that, the railway passes Xitang, Jiashan Railway Station, Chengxi Avenue, Jiashan Avenue and finally reaches Jiaxing Airport.

2. The other tourism themed railway starts from Shanghai Hongqiao, passes Wujiang (Suzhou) and Nanxun (Huzhou) and stops at Yanguan (Jiaxing).

Likewise, the new railway is termed “Shanghai-Suzhou-Jiaxing Intercity Railway” by Shanghai’s Qingpu District, thus the intercity network among Shanghai (Qingpu), Huzhou (Nanxun), Jiaxing (Tongxiang) and Hangzhou (actually Haining) has already taken shape.

From what has been introduced above, we can draw a definite conclusion that the two intercity railways will go as follows:

“G50 Water Town Tourism Route”: Shanghai Hongqiao—Qingpu New Town—Shuixiang Keting—Wujiang Shengze—Huzhou Nanxun—Wuzhen—Tongxiang City Proper—Tongxiang High-Speed Railway—Haining Guanchao

“Jiashan Route”: Shuixiang Keting—Xitang—Jiashan Railway Station—Jiashan South Railway Station

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