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Gusu District applies smart search in locating public toilets

2021-04-22 16:59


Public toilet is just one small component of a city, but its construction and management plays a crucial role in improving the living environment for the city’s people and manifesting the city’s degree of civilization.

The environmental sanitation authorities of Gusu District upgraded and completed the positional information of public toilets in this area recently to realize the electronic navigation for public toilets.

How to find public toilets on the smart phone?

Method one:

→Long press the QR code below to follow the WeChat Public Account“姑苏垃圾分类”(WeChat ID: gh_3390b1d1a954) 

→Tap“找公厕”(Find Public Toilets) in“微服务”(Mini Services) on the menu bar at the bottom of the page to enter the search page

Method two:

→Long press the QR code below to follow the WeChat Public Account“苏州微城管”(WeChat ID: suzhouwcg)

→Tap“微城管”(Mini Urban Management) on the menu bar at the bottom of the page and then tap“找公厕”(Find Public Toilets) in“便民服务”(Convenient Services for the Public) section to enter the search page

The positioning function can automatically locate where you are and search for the public toilets around you. Besides, you can adjust the search range to find public toilets within a certain radius.

In the next phase, the environmental sanitation authorities of Gusu District will proactively communicate with businesses, enterprises and public institutions to push forward the “Public Toilet League” action and encourage them to open their internal restrooms to the public. Meanwhile, they will also upload the locations of new public toilets to the platform in a timely manner.

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