Thursday, 8 March 2019

Jiangsu Big Data platform for IPRs goes live

2021-04-23 12:58

Jiangsu launched a Big Data platform for intellectual property rights (IPRs) on April 21 amid efforts to develop the province into a leading powerhouse of IPRs and  also stimulate innovation-driven growth by applying Big Data.

The platform, built by the Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Protection Center, includes three core functions - data retrieval and analysis, comprehensive services and smart management. It stands out for the strong data resources, integrated information service, diversified application possibilities and technical self-reliance. The platform can provide one-stop IPRs service for the public, market players service providers, and government departments.

The platform covers 150 million pieces of patent information from the world and tens of millions of pieces of information about trademarks, copyrights, geographical indications and IPR cases.


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