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“Reading in Suzhou Gardens” event series kicks off

2021-04-23 17:37

今天下午,“水韵江南 风雅姑苏”之“阅游阅美•苏园品读”系列活动启动仪式暨“西溪环翠”读书会在虎丘西溪环翠举办,将阅读推广从图书馆延伸到园林。

Suzhou has a reputation as a city of gardens. Each and every classical garden in the city has a history unique to itself. 

The opening ceremony for “Reading in Suzhou Gardens” serial events and “Xixi Huancui” Reading Salon took place at Xixi Huancui (西溪环翠), one of the ten sceneries in Tiger Hill Scenic Area, this afternoon. Up to 50 book lovers from Gusu District joined in the event. 

Opening Ceremony

The ceremony started amid melodious performances with Suzhou characteristics, including guqin, Kunqu Opera, pingtan, etc. The official logo for “Reading in Suzhou Gardens” was released during the ceremony as well. 

Reading Salon

Suzhou Classical Gardens can be seen as the museum of Chinese culture. The garden becomes an oasis for book lovers read when they read books in the garden. During the session, the guests read books and shared opinions with each other. 

Garden Stroll

Following the garden guide, the participants strolled along the garden and deepened their understanding of the Tiger Hill and Jiangnan culture. Before that, their knowledge about the hill and the culture mostly came from books.

As a blend of culture and tourism, the “Reading in Suzhou Gardens” Four-season Reading Activities will bring reading salons to classical gardens so that readers can walk out of books and better feel the culture, humanism and architecture of gardens. 

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