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Full list of attractive creative industrial parks in Suzhou

2021-04-24 16:44


There are quite a few pretty creative industrial parks hidden in Suzhou’s streets and lanes, and inside these parks you can discover very good places to spend your leisure time and take pictures. Let’s take a look!

Blue·Fanghua Cultural and Creative Park

Formerly Suzhou Jinta Electronics Factory(苏州金塔电子厂), the park reminds numerous people of their youth. The old factory buildings and elevators have been renovated and turned into a perfect spot to release creativity and to reminisce. As a combination of history and the city’s modern side, the park lies in the downtown area but is full of serenity.

Apart from old objects, you can also find a view to photograph at such modern places as cafés, clothes shops, script murder experiential stores, etc.

Meidi Park

The park was originally Suzhou Art Carpet Factory(苏州美术地毯厂)and later became Tuanjieqiao Tea Wholesale Market(团结桥茶叶批发市场).

Made up of 12 buildings, the park has integrated with urban landscapes to show cultural trends and creativity.

You can come across the element of “tea” everywhere in the park, and there is a “Tea Street” where you can stroll and take photos.

Blue Cultural Creative Industrial Park

After renovation, the former Nanmen Small Commodities Market(南门小商品市场)now features old walls covered with dancing tree shadows, faded slogans and old buildings with various characteristics. The whole park is filled with cultural charm.

The park has kept the external walls of some old buildings and painted them blue, which is now the dominant color here.

If you are tired, pick a café and have a rest!

Blue·Sport Cultural Creative Industrial Park

The park, previously Dehe Small Commodities Market(德合小商品市场), is equipped with various sports venues, including roller-skating, basketball, football, table tennis, etc., and there are creative sports signs all over the ground.

There is also a real train car with double soft sleepers in the park. You can see yellowish seats through the windows, which brings to mind the slow-paced life when transport was still inconvenient.

Blue·YOUNG Start-up Workshop

It was built on the former site of Suzhou Machinery Plant(苏州机械厂).

It feels like you were in Hawaii once you enter the park. Exhibition information is provided from time to time to cater to young people who love culture and arts. You can also lean against the windows of a train car that has been transformed into a food bar and pose for a photo.

Why not pay a visit to these industrial parks with your friends and take some beautiful pictures? 

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