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Suzhou charges for bulky refuse collection

2021-04-27 14:30

The city of Suzhou will charge for the collection of bulky refuse, according to a new regulation that will take effect in May.

Bulky refuse refers to household and office refuse such as beds, sofas, tables and chairs, wardrobe and bookcase. They are measured at a weight of more than five kilograms or a volume of more than 0.2 cubic meters or a length of more than 1 meter.

Waste home appliances and electronic products are incorporated into the renewable resource recycling system.

The Shishan Bulky Refuse Treatment Center in Suzhou High-tech Zone uses vertical crushers, eddy current separators and other equipment to separate bulky waste into ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, combustibles and wood.

When dismantled, about 70% of the bulky refuse can be used as renewable resources, effectively reducing the amount of waste.

Bulky garbage should be placed at designated collection sites. Appointment can be made for door-to-door collection at an expense.

Anyone who does not abide by the regulations on the disposal of bulky refuse will be punished by the urban management authority.


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