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Suzhou boosts aerospace industry

2021-04-27 14:34

The city of Suzhou will make unremitting efforts to promote the development of the aerospace industry to ensure that the goal of 60 billion yuan of industrial revenue will be met by the end of 2023, according to a meeting held Monday. Xu Kunlin, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, delivered a speech.

The Suzhou Aerospace Industry Development Conference saw the release of a three-year action plan for the development of the aerospace industry and several measures to promote the development of the aerospace industry in Suzhou.

According to the action plan, Suzhou will strive to have more than 500 aerospace-related enterprises by 2023, with an industry chain operating income of 60 billion yuan, build a number of aerospace characteristic industrial parks, cultivate a number of aerospace industry innovation centers, and build the city into an influential aerospace industry R&D and manufacturing highland.

150 enterprises have been shortlisted for incubation in the aerospace industry.

COMAC signed 78 project cooperation agreements with Suzhou, involving investment in the aerospace industry chain and product technology cooperation, with a total investment of 23.6 billion yuan.


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