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April 28 to be observed as Suzhou Craftsmen’s Day

2021-04-27 18:20


Suzhou will annually celebrate Suzhou Craftsmen’s Day on April 28 starting 2021. 

Through the establishment of Suzhou Craftsmen’s Day, Suzhou pays its respect to each and every worker in the name of the city, carries forward craftsmanship and communicates the brands of “Suzhou Manufacturing” and “Jiangnan Culture” to the rest of the country and world.

Jiangnan Culture

With a history of more than 2,500 years, Suzhou is the cradle of Jiangnan culture. It has long been a “capital of crafts” and cultivated generations of consummate craftsmen.

Suzhou embroidery is one of the oldest embroidery techniques in the world and the most representative type of art in Chinese embroidery.

Ming furniture is well-known for its design, simplicity and elegance, while Qing furniture impresses people with its grandeur and pageantry.

Fruit Pit Carving is a kind of handicraft that carves artistic images on olive pit, peach pit, etc. Suzhou's fruit pit carving is exquisite in craftsmanship and elegant in style.

Suzhou Fan, also known as Ya Shan (elegant fan), is divided into three types: folding fan, sandalwood fan and silk palace fan.

Suzhou is planning to establish a hall for “Suzhou Crafts” at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). The hall will be equipped with such functional areas as “Suzhou Palace”, “Selected Masterpiece”, “Suzhou Crafts Showcase”, etc., covering Suzhou Embroidery, Kesi (silk tapestry), Fruit Pit Carving, Suzhou Fan, Ming and Qing Furniture and many other Suzhou-style crafts.

Suzhou Manufacturing

Over the years, tens of thousands of Suzhou craftsmen have contributed to the high prestige of “Suzhou Crafts”; craftsman has also become one of the symbols unique to Suzhou. Today, thanks to the efforts of craftsmen in the new era, Suzhou’s industrial manufacturing ranks among the top three in China. 

Tianhe One, independently developed by Suzhou enterprises, is the first excavator for rescue use in China.

Independently developed by Suzhou enterprises, the PD-1 inhibitor is the only one of its kind that has been included on China's national medical insurance reimbursement list. 

The chip developed by Suzhou enterprises is similar in size to a rice grain. Once installed on cell phones, the chip can prevent personal information from being impaired or stolen. 

Suzhou boasts 35 industrial sectors and is capable of manufacturing a wide range of items, including daily necessities and high-end targeted cancer-fighting drugs. It currently owns five industrial chains with output value over RMB100 billion yuan each, which creates great space for regional coordination. 

In addition, the celebration of this year’s “Suzhou Craftsmen’s Day” will start on April 28. 

Meanwhile, Suzhou No. 2 Workers' Cultural Palace (Phase II) “Suzhou Craftsman Square” will be unveiled as well.


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