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100 China-Europe freight trains depart from Suzhou this year

2021-04-27 18:20


Train No. X8402, which carried 100 standard-sized containers of such export cargoes as electronic equipment, automobile parts, daily necessities, etc., left Suzhou on April 25. Up to that day, a total of 100 China-Europe freight trains have departed from Suzhou in 2021 with 9940 standard-sized containers delivered, an increase of 49.6% year-on-year.

Suzhou China-Europe freight train has completed 1112 services since it opened “Suzhou-Manzhouli-Europe” line in September, 2013, transporting about 740,000 tons of import and export cargoes. Its operation line has extended from one (Suzhou to Manzhouli) to four (Suzhou to Manzhouli, Khorgas, Erenhot and Alashankou), basically covering the main cities in Central Asia and Europe.

Since 2020, China-Europe freight train has become a major international logistics channel that is green and efficient for China to export goods and send emergency medical supplies and working and living materials to Europe as the pandemic continues to spread globally.

Suzhou Operation Department of Shanghai Cargo Center has been optimizing the product design of China-Europe freight train, formulating the logistics plan of China-Europe freight train that is the most scientific with minimum processes and optimum routes, and carrying forward the renovation project of the intelligent station system for containers in Suzhou West Freight Yard.

Currently, Suzhou China-Europe freight train has developed rapidly into an important channel for import and export trade in Suzhou and Yangtze River Delta area.


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