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Customs transit channel for e-commerce goods starts functioning

2021-04-28 16:34


As the ceremonial dresses and accessories produced by Suzhou Xinhui Yida Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. were sealed at the cross-border e-commerce regulatory area, SND Comprehensive Bonded Zone and sent directly to Shanghai Pudong International Airport yesterday, the mechanisms for collaborative supervision of cross-border e-commerce between Suzhou Customs and Shanghai Pudong Customs officially began functioning. 

The products were directly exported to the US on Shanghai Pudong international flights. From factory to consumers, the whole process time will be reduced to a fifth of the original time. 

The opening of the channel makes Suzhou the first city in the Yangtze River Delta that has established customs transit mechanisms for cross-border e-commerce products with Shanghai.

Suzhou Customs has worked with Shanghai Pudong Customs since the start of this year to materialize the customs transit mechanism for cross-border e-commerce products. With the mechanism, the e-commerce products to be exported can be transported to Shanghai Pudong Customs for the final exit formalities after going through declaration, inspection, clearance and transit formalities in Suzhou. 

The opening of the customs transit channel provides opportunities for local enterprises to transform and upgrade their businesses from offline to online, making it possible for more “Made in Suzhou” products to go global.  

Source: iSuzhou

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