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Suzhou pilots free temporary parking spaces

2021-04-28 16:45


In consideration of the actual parking needs, Suzhou traffic police has launched a pilot program to set up “convenient temporary parking spaces” near convenience stores, public toilets and pharmacies in SND. People can park their cars in these parking spaces free of charge for 20 minutes maximum.

Three areas with pilot temporary parking spaces 

(two in each area)

Yushan Park

The intersection of Zhujiang Road and Jinzhu Road

Kefa Road near Nobel Lake Park

Suzhou traffic police has painted relevant words on the parking spaces and put up signs in a bid to remind drivers to park as required and speed up parking turnover to avoid parking spaces being occupied too long. Besides, cars parked overtime will be penalized according to relevant regulations.

Suzhou traffic police will take into account the city’s situation and set up more temporary parking spaces based on the implementation of the pilot program.

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