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Jiangsu’s environment shows steady progress in Q1

2021-04-29 13:36

Jiangsu held a video conference on April 27 to review the progress in pollution control and water environment management, especially for Taihu Lake, and introduce new plans.

Data of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment showed the average concentration of PM2.5 in the province was 46 micrograms per cubic meter in the first quarter, down 6.1% year on year. The number of good air quality days accounted for 85.2%, 1.6 percentage points higher than a year ago. This showed the steady move to better environment in Jiangsu.

Aerial photo shows scenery in Suzhou section of Taihu Lake. Photo/CFP

According to the department, Jiangsu still faces a daunting challenge to improve water environment despite progress in the first quarter. The department has found pollution problems in 285 waterways in the Taihu Lake basin during a recent survey. These problems, if not solved in time, are expected to affect the water quality during the flood season.

Following the comprehensive research and analysis, Jiangsu has determined its main goals in the second quarter are to lower the average concentration of PM2.5 to 31 micrograms per cubic meter and also ensure at least one more percentage point for the proportion of good air quality days.

Jiangsu also aims to improve the average concentration of PM2.5 at sites under the national and provincial monitoring by 5% year on year, and reduce the number of days with serious ozone pollution by more than 2 days than a year ago. Water quality of at least 87% of monitored sections of the main waterways should stand at Grade III, and no monitored section of surface water should have a water quality at Grade V. Before arrival of the flood season, Jiangsu will ensure treatment of all polluted runoff in the key tributaries and rivers to prevent their spread.


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