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Suzhou’s first batch of “24-hour cinemas” ready for service

2021-04-30 16:53


Discounted movie tickets, whole new viewing experience, various theme activities…Suzhou rolled out the first batch of “24-hour movie theaters”, injecting new energy into the city’s night-time economy.

List of “24-hour Movie Theaters” (1st batch):

●Suzhou Daguangming Movie Theater (Guanqian Street Branch)

●UME International Cineplex (SIP Jinji Lake Branch)

●Lumière Pavilions (SND Golden Eagle Branch)

Midnight Theme Activities

In addition to increased movie screenings, the “24-hour movie theaters” will also introduce a series of midnight theme activities combined with newly released movies in the months to come.

The Lord of the Rings trilogies will be on show at UME International Cineplex (SIP Jinji Lake Branch) in mid-May and there will be special deals for the shows at that time. Besides, the theater will host car themed activities for fans of Fast & Furious 9 at 12am,May 21.

Discounted Ticket Package

The 24-hour movie theaters will put out ticket packages in an effort to attract audiences and boost night-time consumption in the city. For instance, the midnight movie tickets of Daguangming Movie Theater are priced at around RMB25 yuan, which is lower than usual.

Do you have any plan for the upcoming Labor Day Holiday? 

Try the 24-hour movie theaters!


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