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Zero-carbon villa makes its debut in Tongli, Suzhou

2021-04-30 16:59


When you are back home from work, the curtain automatically opens with the room lit; 

the air conditioner and ventilation system have been working for 20 minutes and the indoor temperature has already reached 22℃; 

the electronic housekeeper is updating you on the energy consumption of the day…

The first “zero-carbon villa” in Jiangsu province was recently unveiled in Tongli Ancient Town, Suzhou, which means the residential villa has achieved carbon neutrality in daily use.

Zero-carbon Building

Zero-carbon Building

“Zero-carbon building” refers to a building with zero carbon emission. It is able to go operation with solar energy, wind energy or other clean energy only, and its energy consumption throughout the year can be provided by the renewable energy generated by itself without using such external energy as coal, petroleum, electric power, etc.

The “zero-carbon villa” put into use this time is equipped with a 15 kilowatt roof-mounted photovoltaic power system, a 10 kilowatt/50 kilowatt-hour household energy storage system and a 7 kilowatt electric vehicle charge-discharge system, which enable the villa to support itself with clean energy.

Besides, the villa has such highly efficient appliances as geothermal heat pumps, ventilation systems, intelligent appliances, etc., which can save 2160 kilowatt-hour of electricity per year and improve the energy-saving effect by 20 percent.

The villa is also equipped with an electronic housekeeper in charge of the household energy. It can generate a report concerning the energy consumption of each appliance and provide the owner with an energy utilization plan that is better and more reasonable.


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