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An insider’s guide for night-time events in Suzhou

2021-05-01 15:14


Good news!

Suzhou has prepared plenty of night-time activities during the Labor Day holiday.

You can spend your nightlife in classical gardens, shopping malls, amusement parks, movie theaters and other wonderful places. Let’s have a look! 

Launching Ceremony for Double 5 Shopping Festival (Suzhou Sub-venue)

Suzhou will keep pace with the launching ceremony to be held in Shanghai main venue and simultaneously kick off a local ceremony at Hubin Square in SIP (next to the Dongfangzhimen Station of Suzhou Rail Transit Line 1 and Line 3) on the night of May 1.


Various fairs will be held in such major business districts as Hubin Square, Guanqian Business District, Shishan Business District, Jinji Lake Business District, Shilu Business District, etc.

Time: Before 10pm, May 1 to 4


Wang Shi Xi Yu

The Master-of-Nets Garden Night Tour

This year’s new program will blend the real scene of the classical garden with intangible cultural heritage performances. Thanks to the equipment, participants can expect to fully enjoy the performances in terms of vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

Time: April 30 to May 6

Ticket price:RMB100 yuan

How to buy the ticket?

From May 1 to 4, visitors can make online reservations in different time periods

→Long press the QR code to enter the ticket page

→Choose the preferable date

→Choose the preferable period

→Tap “立即预定”

→Fill in the information

→Choose the visitor and confirm

→Tap “去支付” to buy the ticket

*Please show the reservation code in exchange for the paper ticket at the south entrance to the Master-of-Nets Garden before you enter the garden.


Meet Gusu: Once Upon A Time in Mudu

Mudu Ancient Town Night Tour

Enjoy the immersive drama performance Once Upon A Time in Mudu in Yan Family’s Night Garden.

Time: April 1 to May 31

Ticket price:RMB148 yuan

How to buy the ticket?

→Long press the QR code to follow the WeChat Public Account “muduguzhen”


→Tap “分时预约” on the menu bar to enter the ticket page

→Choose “夜晚场成人票” in “《遇见姑苏·木渎往事》演出票” section and tap “预订”

→Choose the preferable date and period and fill in the information

→Tap “提交订单” to place the order and pay the ticket

Tui Si Yao Yue

The Retreat and Reflection Garden Night Tour

The Retreat and Reflection Garden Night Garden in Tongli Ancient Town will be officially open today, and a new night tour program called “Tui Si Yao Yue” will be launched. The program will present real scene performances with advanced lighting technologies so as to create an immersive experience for the audiences.

Time: 5:30pm to 6:30pm, 6:30pm to 7:30pm, 7:30pm to 8:30pm, May 1 to October 31 

Ticket price:RMB50 yuan

How to buy the ticket?

You can buy the night tour ticket at the entrance to the Retreat and Reflection Garden without making reservations before.


Suzhou Amusement Land Danish Fairytale Season

Suzhou Amusement Land will host a series of Hans Christian Anderson’s Fairytales theme activities together with Danish Cultural Center during the holiday.

You will come across the element of fairytales everywhere in the park and enjoy special exhibitions and parades.

Time: May 1 to June 14,guests with night-time tickets can enter the park after 4pm.

Ticket price:RMB79 yuan

How to buy the ticket?

You can buy the ticket at the entrance without making reservations before.


Yun Xiu Tai Hu

Music Fountain in Suzhou Bay

It would be perfect to watch the music fountain in Suzhou Bay when the weather is getting warmer.

Time: 7pm to 7:20pm, May 1, 2, 15, 22 and 29

*Please arrive two hours early and keep your face mask on during the performance.


Suzhou Center Shopping Mall

Suzhou Center Shopping Mall will not be closed till 12am each day from April 30 to May 4 in keeping with the theme of Double 5 Shopping Festival.

Currently, nearly 100 stores in Suzhou Center Shopping Mall are offering a 45 percent discount until May 5.


24-hour Movie Theater

Suzhou rolled out the first batch of “24-hour movie theaters” recently, including Daguangming Movie Theater (Guanqian Street Branch), UME International Cineplex (SIP Jinji Lake Branch) and Lumière Pavilions (SND Golden Eagle Branch).

In addition to increased movie screenings, the “24-hour movie theaters” will also put out ticket packages in an effort to attract audiences.



Suzhou Rail Transit (SRT) puts all its lines into 24-hour operation on May 1.

On May 2, 3, 4 and 5, the service time of SRT Line 1, 2, 3 and 4 (main line) trains will be the same as the extended time for night economy; SRT Line 3 and 4 (branch line) trains will also operate for an extra 45 minutes in both directions. 

You can also long press the mini-program code below for SRT train timetable


Suzhou bus system will also arrange overnight routes for the convenience of passengers to and from some SRT stations. Please look out for the guide information at relevant SRT stations.

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