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A list of scenic spots along Suzhou Rail Transit lines

2021-05-03 16:37


Only half of the holiday is left. Are there any other places you want to go? Here is a list of the scenic spots which are reachable by Suzhou Rail Transit (SRT) trains. You can ride by SRT and avoid the possible traffic congestion during the holiday. Let’s take a look!

Scenic spots along SRT Line 1

Pingjiang Historical Blocks 

Xiangmen Station or Lindunlu Station

The small bridges over the flowing stream as well as the tea houses and bookstores will bring you back to the old days in Jiangnan.

Yiyuan Garden 

Leqiao Station

Here, you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the peace and serenity unique to Suzhou classical gardens.

Ticket Price: RMB15 yuan

Jinji Lake Scenic Area

Dongfangzhimen Station, 

Wenhua Bolan Zhongxin Station, 

Shidai Guangchang Station

Unlike the classical gardens in the ancient city, Jinji Lake Scenic Area is filledwith modern air. You can experience the modern side of Suzhou by taking the following route: Li Gong Di → Gate of the Orient (Suzhou Center) → Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre → Moonlight Pier → Eslite Bookstore (李公堤→东方之门(苏州中心)→文化艺术中心→月光码头→诚品书店).

Scenic spots along SRT Line 2

Shantang Street

Shantangjie Station

Acclaimed as Suzhou’s No.1 Famous Street, Shantang Street has various stores where you can have a cup of tea and chat or taste all kinds of Suzhou-style snacks.

The Lingering Garden

Shilu Station

The Lingering Garden is one of China’s fourfamous classical gardens. You can stroll around the rockeries and pavilions while appreciating the rural and wild landscapes.

Ticket Price: RMB55 yuan

Egret Garden

Yueliangwan Station

Inside the garden, you can find Dushu Lake Church and admire the sceneries of Dushu Lake.

Scenic spots along SRT Line 3

Shangfangshan National Forest Park

Shihu North Station

Cr: Daidailong

Located in the national-level Taihu Lake Scenic Area, Shangfangshan National Forest Park boasts 465 species of plants with a forest coverage of over 95 percent.

Ticket Price: RMB45 yuan

Shihu Scenic AreaShihu North Station

Cr: Wechat ID: szshjq0512

The trees on the shore line are reflected in the clear water. Shihu Lake inspring time is a paradise full of green and life.

HB World 

Weiting Station


There are 34 attractions as well as various shows, themed restaurants and shops in the park.

Ticket Price: RMB108 yuan

Scenic spots along SRT Line 4

The Humble Administrator’s Garden 

Beisita Station

As the largest existing classical garden in Suzhou, the Humble Administrator’s Garden is centered around water and boasts elegant pavilions and luxuriant flowers and plants.

Ticket Price: RMB80 yuan

The Master-of-Nets Garden

Sanyuanfang Station

The Master-of-Nets Garden Classical Night Garden is the first of its kind in Suzhou. You can watch eight performances with Suzhou characteristics, including Kunqu Opera, pingtan, etc. and go on a journey to the past.

Ticket Price: RMB40 yuan

Suzhou Museum of Imperial Kiln Brick 

Sunwu Jinianyuan Station

The museum has a collection of imperial gold bricks and completely records their 600-year history.

Why not get on the train and take a tour around Suzhou?

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