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Suzhou Double Five Shopping Festival kicks off

2021-05-04 15:38


The Double Five Shopping Festival (Suzhou Sub-venue) kicked off at Hubin Square by the Jinji Lake at 7:45 yesterday, bringing in a wide variety of benefits, activities and fairs to boost local consumption.

At the launching ceremony, Jinji Lake Music Fountain gave a water show Scenic Suzhou, the city song of Suzhou. The official logo for the shopping carnival was lit simultaneously at the Gate of the Orient and in the night sky through drones.  

During the live broadcast, CCTV reporters introduced multiple consumption hot spots in Suzhou and showcased the charm, vitality and potential of local markets to audiences from home and abroad.

A four-hour live-streaming session, featuring Mayor’s pick, interactive video link, on-site performance, etc. kicked off right after the launching ceremony. Some ten hit products made their debut during the session.

This year’s Double Five Shopping Festival will last until June 30.

Let’s join in the shopping frenzy!

Events in Progress

▼April to June

● Jiangnan Little Theatre Spring Show

Some 200 little theatre performances, ranging from traditional Kunqu Opera, pingtan, Wuxi Opera, crosstalk, farce to modern symphony, talk show, opera and musical play, will be staged.

Long press the QR code to buy tickets

▼May 1 to May 3

● Suzhou 3rd CG Entertainment Expo

Location: Yangcheng International E-Sports Hall

It’s the biggest ACG entertainment expo in Suzhou, including traditional Chinese style, anime, game, e-sports and many other activities.

● Labor Day Auto Show

Location: Senmao Automobile City

▼May 1 to May 20

● Double Five Furniture Expo

Location: Yuexing Furnishing

▼May 1 to May 31

● Shanghai-Suzhou Car Shopping Carnival

Location: Vitality Island

● Spring Flavor: Culinary Rivalry

Location: Xiangcheng District

It’s a culinary rivalry undertaken by Xiangcheng Cuisine Association.

● Double Five: Yangcheng Shopping Festival

Location: Xiangcheng Park

As a part of the Double Five Shopping Festival, the Yangcheng session will present a series of products with Yangcheng Lake characteristics.

● 10th Suzhou Creative & Design Expo Taiping Sub-venue & 3rd Taiping Culture and Art Themed Month

Location: Taiping Old Street

A night-time fair, including 15 booths, will be held to display and sell cultural products, intangible cultural heritage handicrafts, specialties, local fruits and vegetables, etc.

● Dragon Ball Fun Race

Location: Vitality Island

● Artistic Jiangnan

Location: Shanghai

A group of time-honored brands will participate in the China Time-honored Brands Expo in Shanghai.

● Jiangnan Tour in Shanghai and Suzhou

Location: Suzhou Chenghu Aerial Sailing Base, Luzhi Town.

The event is designed to introduce specialties of the ancient town to Shanghai residents through aerial sailing activities and food fairs.

●2021 “Su Yun Xiang Qing” Rural Tourism and Agriculture (Suzhou) Introductory Event & China (Wuzhong) Loquat Festival

Location: Dongshan E-commerce Park (main venue for opening ceremony), Shanghai (display and sales)

● Jiangnan Selected Goods

Location: Shanghai

A presentation is scheduled to be given in Shanghai to promote local specialties from Wuzhong District.

▼May 2 to May 3

● Music Festival

Location: Vitality Island


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