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First look at the new branch of Zhangjiagang Art Gallery

2021-07-29 17:32


The 29th "Architect in the Modern World" International Architectural Design Exhibition kicked off at GA Gallery, Tokyo recently. The design program of the new branch of Zhangjiagang Art Gallery by Atelier Deshaus is currently on display.

Situated along Nanhengtao River and to the east of Yiganhe Road and the west of Huacang Road, the new branch of Zhangjiagang Art Gallery is based on the idea of "Vessel of Art and Innovation" and takes advantage of the triangular site to highlight the features of the city.

Well organized both horizontally and vertically, it will become the city's new landmark upon completion and promote the integration of the gallery, nature and society.

The new gallery will upgrade its exhibition mode, combine "box-shaped exhibition hall", "scattered exhibition hall" and "operation space", and create a more immersive exhibition space.

In addition, the gallery is expected to introduce multifunctional spaces for the development of artistic spin-offs, art training and public forums in a bid to enhance resident engagement in artistic activities.


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