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Over 17.4m preregister for mass nucleic acid test in Suzhou

2021-08-30 16:14


The registration drill for mass nucleic acid test in Suzhou officially kicked off at 10 a.m., August 27. As of 10 a.m., August 29, more than 17.4 million people in Suzhou (including permanent residents, temporary residents and floating population) had participated in the drill and completed the preregistration.

Mass nucleic acid test is an important method to quickly find out the source of the infection, effectively cut off the channels of transmission and curb the spread of the virus, and a key measure to ensure early prevention, detection, reporting, quarantine and treatment.

The drill has helped residents familiarize themselves with the mass nucleic acid test procedures to facilitate a quick mass test once necessary, and provided reliable data to improve the capacity on organizing registration and optimize the resource allocation of testing sites and testing capability.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all residents for your support and cooperation, and to all staff for your hard work and dedication.


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