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Back to the past for the "200-year-old concert"

2021-09-25 10:21


The 22nd China Suzhou Huqiu Quyi Performance will kick off tonight. As a large-scale Kunqu Opera gathering organized spontaneously by the people, Huqiu Quyi Performance attracts literati, distinguished performers, professional artists and the public to the Tiger Hill every year.

Huqiu Quyi Performance was first held more than 200 years ago, when Kunqu Opera was in its heyday. From then on it has evolved into a special concert for numerous quyi fans.

Quyi: Chinese folk art forms, including ballad singing, story telling, comic dialogues, clapper talks, cross talks, etc.

Yu Qiuyu, Chinese contemporary author and scholar, once spoke highly of Huqiu Quyi Performance, "(Huqiu Quyi Performance) reminds me of the scene where the audience hailed the tragedians in the amphitheater in ancient Greek. Apart from it, it is nearly impossible to find another theater event that is as large and long-standing as Huqiu Quyi Performance in the history of the theater."

The 22nd China Suzhou Huqiu Quyi Performance will be broadcast live at 6:30 p.m. tonight on Kan Suzhou. You are invited to watch the livestream, enjoy the grand opera Moonlit Night at Tiger Hill, and admire the beauty of Jiangnan culture.

Long press the QR code to watch the livestream at 6:30 p.m. tonight!


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