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Swiss healthcare giant falls in love with Suzhou at first sight

2021-10-13 21:58


Marco Cairoli, aged 57, comes from Switzerland and has served over 20 years at Roche, a leading Fortune 500 giant focused on biotechnology. He came to Suzhou in 2014 for the planning and construction of the company’s new site in this city.

At the first sight, Marco was fascinated by the city’s long history and classical gardens. Roche Diagnostics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 in Suzhou Industrial Park. 

The new factory buildings in Suzhou feature many elements peculiar to the city, from the layout of drainage system, design of brick wall to the guest-greeting pine in the lounge area, all presenting the unique beauty of Suzhou style.

Since he assumed new duties as the general manager of Roche Diagnostics Suzhou in 2018, Marco has created a bridge of communication between Suzhou and Switzerland. 

Marco meets with Swiss Ambassador to China Bernardino Regazzoni (L)

He invited Switzerland’s ambassador to China and executives of Roche to visit Suzhou many times. In the same year, Marco helped to bring about the agreement on cooperation between China and Germany, facilitating the entry of Germany bovine blood products into China.

To accelerate the development of new products, Roche made an additional investment of 390 million CNY in 2020 and introduced tissue diagnostics solutions and CPS system reagents. As the company’s first Asia-Pacific manufacturing site for diagnostics and R&D center, Roche Diagnostics Suzhou has invested 3.5 billion CNY so far. 

Marco is quite fond of Suzhou, particularly the city’s perfect combination of ancient charm and modern flavor, which makes up the unique Suzhou culture. Suzhou Industrial Park boasts a scenic Jinji Lake, whereas ancient constructions stand quietly in the old town. Marco gradually comes to understand why Suzhou is reputed as the “paradise on earth”.

After winning the title of “Suzhou Honorary Citizen”, Marco said he had different feelings when going to the office. “Now I can proudly call myself a fellow citizen of Suzhou! I’ll work harder to contribute my share towards the cause of healthcare for Suzhou and China!”


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