Thursday, 8 March 2019

SIP rolls out “No Meeting and Waiting” mode for trading of public resources

2022-05-13 11:38

SIP has completely rolled out the “No Meeting and Waiting” mode for trading of public resources after several years of endeavor. This new trading mode allows enterprises to save cost and time and better ensure safety amid COVID-19 outbreak.

SIP Public Resources Trading Center (SIPPRTC) launched a bidding project in 2019 to kick off the building of the “No Meeting and Waiting” system for trading of public resources. By last August, it had moved all the procurement transactions online, and by March of this year, the “No Meeting and Waiting” mode had been extended to all procurement projects with and without second quotation.

According to SIPPRTC, further efforts will be made to upgrade the blockchain, e-signature and information delivery modules to provide more convenience to enterprises.

Source: SIP

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