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Latest Update on COVID-19 Dynamics in Jiangsu as of 24:00 May 12

2022-05-13 12:11

Latest Update on COVID-19 Dynamics in Jiangsu as of 24:00 May 12

Between 00:00 and 24:00 of May 12, no new confirmed case was registered in Jiangsu. 35 new local asymptomatic carriers were reported (by Wuxi, all under medical observation at designated hospitals). Another two infected cases (both local) were discharged from hospital, and 25 asymptomatic carriers (all local) were released from medical observation. 

The detailed information of new confirmed cases and asymptomatic carriers will be released by relevant prefecture-level cities.

At present, there are 11 confirmed cases (8 local and three inbound) under isolated treatment at designated hospitals and 530 asymptomatic carriers (529 local and one inbound) under isolated medical observation. 

The latest update on COVID-19 risk levels:

As of 19:00, May 12, 2022, there had been 17 high-risk areas and 81 medium-risk areas across the Chinese mainland.

All regions outside the Chinese mainland (except Macao, which was at low risk level) remained high-risk areas.

Experts note that:

Currently, we face the complex COVID-19 situation and the arduous task of preventing domestic resurgence. Compared with the delta variant, the omicron variant is more transmissible and harder to be detected, posing greater challenges to its prevention and control. Everyone bears the primary responsibility for their own health and needs to continue with protective measures. Avoid unnecessary trips to overseas areas, medium and high-risk regions and regions with locally confirmed cases, and reduce travel to other provinces or regions.

1. Please provide needed information in time and support COVID-19 prevention and control measures. Those from areas with locally confirmed cases, those whose travel histories overlap those of the newly confirmed cases or asymptomatic carriers in particular, should inform their employers, communities (villages) or hotels, and cooperate in providing information and conducting nucleic acid tests and isolated medical observation. Please closely follow information on dynamics of the virus and changes to medium and high-risk regions from official sources. Do not believe in or spread rumors. Please support COVID-19 prevention and control measures and remain vigilant against the coronavirus. 

2. Seek inoculation. As the most effective way against COVID-19, inoculation helps build herd immunity, and reduces the risk of turning into severe cases and the mortality rate, thus protecting your and your family’s health. Elders who are eligible to get vaccinated are advised to get fully vaccinated and the booster jab in time.

3. Please cooperate in conducting nucleic acid tests. People living in areas with locally confirmed cases should follow the instructions of the local government, finish their nucleic acid tests in time, maintain a one-meter distance away from others, and keep the mask on throughout the whole process. Please do not eat or drink 30 minutes before the test, cooperate and follow the instructions of medical workers, leave the testing site after the test, do not discard waste in the testing site, and maintain personal prevention after the test.   

4. Maintain routine prevention and control. Keep the mask on, especially in crowded and indoor places with poor ventilation, as temperature rises in summer. Please cooperate in checking body temperature and keep a one-meter distance away from others when you are in public areas such as malls, restaurants, hotels, cinemas and sport stadiums. Properly wear your mask when taking the elevator, public transport and when going to hospitals where you may meet patients with fever or respiratory symptoms, and medical practitioners and transport practitioners in high-risk conditions should especially follow this rule.

Increase awareness of personal prevention. Maintain good habits for health such as washing hands regularly, wearing a mask, ventilating rooms more often, reducing gatherings, using serving chopsticks, and dining separately. Seek medical treatment in line with regulatory procedures as soon as possible when symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, nasal congestion, nasal discharge, sore throat, reduced sense of smell and taste, conjunctivitis (pink eye), muscle pain and diarrhea show, and inform medical staff of your whereabouts and contact history over the previous 14 days. Keep the mask on and avoid using public transport when seeking treatment.
















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