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Q&A on conducting routine nucleic acid testing

2022-05-13 17:34


Why should we take one nucleic acid test every three days?


In light of Omicron’s stealth and rapid transmission, all citizens should take at least one test every three days (excluding those who received COVID-19 vaccines within 48 hours) to help early detection of new infections and effectively curb the spread of the virus. Nucleic acid testing arrangements will be dynamically adjusted in accordance with epidemic situation.


When do I have to show 72-hour negative nucleic acid test results?


All citizens should scan the “venue code” and have their Jiangsu Health Code, travel records and 72-hour negative nucleic acid test results checked when entering public places, public institutions and enterprises, residential compounds (villages), or using public transport.


How to conduct nucleic acid testing every three days?


Current arrangement for nucleic acid testing is as follows: one test a day in key areas, one test every two days in risk areas, one test every three days in other areas. Besides, companies with more than 500 employees should make a plan for nucleic acid testing. Public sampling sites will be set up in areas (including office buildings) where there are many small and medium-sized enterprises. Now, Suzhou has set up 352 nucleic acid sampling sites across the city, including 268 ones for the general public and 84 ones for yellow health code holders. More sampling sites will be added in the future to meet people’s convenience.


How to make sure that tests are available for people asking to be tested?


The frequency of testing given to key groups will be increased based on the actual conditions. People from key groups, including those who have direct contact with overseas people and cargo, staff working at designated quarantine places, medical facilities and fever clinics, parcel couriers, bus drivers, cleaners, and security guards, should take a nucleic acid test daily. In view of the reopening of middle and primary schools, all teachers, students and staff members on campus (excluding high school seniors who are under closed-loop management) should take a nucleic acid test every day. 

Nucleic Acid Sampling Sites in Suzhou (Updated on May 7, 2022)





Wujiang District

Wuzhong District

Xiangcheng District

Gusu District



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