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Latest COVID-19 policy for travelers from outside city

2022-05-22 11:08


All travelers coming or returning to Suzhou must have 48-hour negative nucleic acid test results, register via the “information registration platform for arriving travelers” (read No. 65 [2022] Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control of Suzhou for details), and report to employers, local residing communities (villages), or accommodating hotels in advance. After arrival in Suzhou, please cooperate in nucleic acid testing and health monitoring.

Coming to Suzhou from other cities in Jiangsu province

Travelers could move freely on the basis of the prevention and control measures if they have negative nucleic acid test results within 48 hours. Travelers without negative results should take a nucleic acid test within 24 hours after arrival, and take another test within 48 hours after arrival in Suzhou.

Coming to Suzhou from other provinces

Overseas travelers

The health management measures for overseas travelers remain unchanged.

These epidemic control rules will be dynamically adjusted in accordance with local epidemic situation. All citizens should continue taking the self-imposed prevention measures, including wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, ventilating and disinfecting more often, and maintaining social distance. During your trips to Suzhou, please cooperate in the epidemic control efforts of railway stations, airports and express service areas.


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