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12th Jiangsu Book Fair to kick off next week

2022-06-22 17:00


The 12th Jiangsu Book Fair will be held at Suzhou International Expo Centre苏州国际博览中心 and over 150 sub-venues across Jiangsu province from July 2 to 6.

The exhibition hall in Suzhou will cover a total area of 17,000 square meters. Up to 200,000 kinds of publications from more than 400 publishers will be on show. Over 140 reading promotion events and exchange activities will be host at the main venue both offline and online, with 1000-plus events held separately at sub-venues.

Themed on “New Era, New Jiangnan, New Reading,” this year’s Suzhou Hall at the main venue will not only display a variety of publications, but also showcase and promote special local bookstores, Suzhou engraving, stamps of book collectors, intangible cultural heritages, etc., and hold a total of 26 events including new book release sessions, lectures and reading salons.

There will also be a series of virtual and livestreaming events. In addition, Suzhou will distribute coupons worth 600,000 yuan and consumption subsidies totaling 1.5 million yuan.

Opening Hours

July 2 and 3: 9:00-20:00

July 4 to 6: 9:00-18:00


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