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Students' summer holiday dates announced

2022-06-22 17:00


Suzhou education authorities had announced this year’s summer holiday dates for local students. The holiday will start on July 1 for kindergarten, elementary and secondary school students (except the 10th and 11th graders). The new autumn semester will start on September 1 (freshmen register on August 30, other students on August 31). 

According to a notice released earlier on May 11, the summer holiday for 10th and 11th graders will start on July 10 and end on August 21; they will go back to campus between August 22 and 28. 

Under normal circumstances, the winter holiday in 2023 is scheduled to start on January 12 and next spring semester on February 6. 

Given the complex and changeable epidemic situation, all students and teachers should avoid traveling abroad, traveling to domestic medium-risk and high-risk areas, or areas with local infections. Those who are planning trips outside the city or province should report to schools in advance and take proper self-protection measures to ensure smooth return to campus before new semester starts. 


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