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Get ready for hot and humid weather in plum rain season

2022-06-23 15:41

Suzhou entered “plum rain” season today, five days later than last year. The rainy season often features several weeks of wet days with high temperatures. 

Every June and July, a narrow and long rain belt is moving around the middle and low reaches of the Yangtze River and results in an increase in rainfall. Since plums are ready for harvest during the period, the rainy days are nicknamed “plum rain season”.

More showers are expected in the days to come. The plum rain season is likely to end in mid-July, with average precipitation ranging between 180mm and 220mm.  

According to Suzhou Meteorological Bureau, the sky will be overcast with scattered thundershowers from Saturday (June 25) to next Monday. Another round of showers is expected on June 29 and 30.

Residents are advised to bring rain gear when getting around and keep their homes well ventilated to prevent mold during the rainy season.

Source: iSuzhou

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