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"Suzhou in Depth" Chapter Five: Xiangcheng District

2022-08-06 11:54

在苏州什么景点最热?人少好玩的地方哪里找?哪里可以吃到最经典的、时下最火热的美食?“Suzhou in Depth”带你探索不曾发现的苏州之美。

"Suzhou in Depth" Chapter Five:Xiangcheng District

With a history of over 2,000 years, Xiangcheng district boasts a myriad of cultural and scenic spots and abounds in aquatic products since water accounts for 40 percent of its total area.

Route No. 1

⏰ 9:00

Meirentui Peninsula Scenic Area

Spanning 12 kilometers, the peninsula is just like a beauty's leg (meirentui in Chinese). Blessed with picturesque scenery and thousands-of-mu crab ponds, it is a paradise for foodies fond of hairy crabs in fall and filled with different kinds of flowers in spring. The rape flower fields are magnificent. You can also pick fruits, transplant rice seedlings, ride horses and row the boat at Ouye Farming Reading Garden欧野耕读园.

Restaurant: Yangcheng Yuyin阳澄渔隐, Winter Cafe冬日咖啡; there is a choice of rural restaurants

Hotels: True Shine村上湖舍, Siko Grand Hotel苏州阳澄喜柯大酒店

Stopover: 6 hours (including lunch)

↓Take a cab, about 30 minutes and RMB35 yuan

⏰ 15:30

Taiping Old Street太平老街

With a long history, the old street owns many attractions such as Taiping Temple太平禅寺, Wang's Ancestral Hall (王氏祠堂), Dixi Granary荻溪粮仓and an ancient ginkgo.

Restaurant: Taiping Neighborhood Center太平邻里中心

Stopover: 3 to 4 hours (including dinner)

Route No. 2

⏰ 8:30

Fengmenglong Village冯梦龙村

The village was named after Feng Menglong, a famous writer, ideologist and dramatist in ancient China. There are thousands-of-mu fields where you can pick fruits all year long, and such as scenic spots as Fengmenglong Memorial Hall冯梦龙纪念馆, Fengmenglong Former Residence冯梦龙故居 and Fengmenglong Farming Culture Garden冯梦龙农耕文化园 where you can enjoy the idyllic life.

Pics from WeChat ID: xiangchengwentilv

Most of the attractions are free to the public. Opening hours are from 8:30 to 16:30.

There is a sunflower garden by the Residents Committee冯梦龙村民委员会, a lotus pond by the Fengmenglong Memorial Hall, and in case you want to pick fruit, you can go to Suzhou Yixiangyuan Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd.苏州忆乡源生态农业有限公司, which owns a dozen different kinds of fruits including blueberry, fig, pear, grape, strawberry, watermelon, etc.

Pics from WeChat ID: xiangchengwentilv

Restaurant: Shange Jiuguan山歌酒馆, Songyue Rongheli松玥融合里

Hotels: Xixi B&B喜溪民宿, Xiyi Hotel喜宜酒店

Stopover: 4 hours (including lunch)

↓Take a cab, about 25 minutes and RMB25 yuan

⏰ 13:00

Suzhou Flower Botanical Garden苏州花卉植物园

Covering an area of some two square kilometers, the garden is home to over one million flowers and plants that fall into more than 1,800 species such as azalea, plum blossom, lotus, peony, cherry blossom and rose.

Pics from WeChat ID: xiangchengwentilv

Stopover: 2.5 hours

Tickets: Free of charge

Opening hours: 8:30-17:00 (No admission after 16:30)

Flower season: Plum blossom: March; cherry blossom: late March to April; crabapple and magnolia: March to April

↓Take a cab, about 20 minutes and RMB20 yuan

⏰ 16:00

Suzhou Museum of Imperial Kiln Brick苏州御窑金砖博物馆

The museum showcases the process of making kiln bricks and the historic and cultural connotation of the special brick in a panoramic way. Visitors can even make a brick themselves.

Stopover: 2 hours

Tickets: Free of charge

Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (No admission after 16:00)

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