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Philips Domestic Appliances Suzhou Innovation R&D Hub opens

2022-09-22 16:07

Philips Robots and Smart Domestic Appliances Suzhou Innovation R&D Hub was put into service in 2.5 Industrial Park of SIP yesterday.

Philips Domestic Appliances, a global leader in the industry of small household appliance was sold by Royal Philips to Hillhouse Capital, a world-renowned Chinese investment firm, last year.

As an important part of the innovation ecosystem of Philips Domestic Appliances, the Suzhou Hub, focusing on the research and industrialization of core technologies such as robots, IoT and AI, will be committed to promoting the full integration of innovative technology and intelligent life, and act as a new stimulus for digital and intelligent transformation of domestic appliance industry, helping China's smart manufacturing go global.

At present, there are nearly 100 headquarters of multinational companies in SIP, among which 56 regional headquarters and functional agencies have been recognized by the province. There are also over 200 R&D institutions belonging to multinational corporations, with the number of talents ranking first among development zones nationwide for many years.

Source: iSuzhou

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