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Jiangsu promotes digital transformation in housing and urban-rural development

2022-09-22 17:05

(Photo/Bai Xue)

Jiangsu will go all out to advance digital transformation in the housing and urban-rural development fields and enhance digital governance of the public services for people’s wellbeing, according to the province’s work teleconference on the endeavor on September 21.

The province’s Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development outlined six major tasks in the draft guideline, including the intelligent supervision of urban infrastructure and digital transformation of urban governance, construction and preservation of historical and cultural heritage.

By 2025, the province plans to establish the basic digital governance systems for government services, people's livelihood services and urban governance, according to the draft guideline that is ready for public consultation.

Among the initiatives, the province will complete the list of items under historical and cultural protection at the provincial, city and county levels. Jiangsu will also speed up the construction of digital information platforms and establish data sharing and timely update mechanisms.


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