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Pilot Free Trade Zone Tribunal opens in SIP

2022-09-23 16:34

Pilot Free Trade Zone Tribunal of Suzhou Industrial Park Primary People's Court was officially inaugurated yesterday, which will be responsible for handling foreign, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-related commercial cases, financial cases and intellectual property cases under the jurisdiction of Suzhou Industrial Park Primary People's Court.

The tribunal will advance the building of its financial mediation center, improve the one-stop service for financial disputes that includes mediation, trial and enforcement, launch "protection reception room+judicial service station+coordinated mediation center" for intellectual property cases, roll out an online platform which provides the judicial index of financial cases, promote the model of "internet plus judicature," and pilot "trials with no clerks."

Together with Suzhou International Commercial Court, the tribunal is ready to safeguard the sound development of the free trade zone in Suzhou and bring the opening-up of the city to a new level.

Source: iSuzhou

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